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Advice | Your Guide to Engagement Photo Sessions with Radian Photography

Wedding bells are ringing, but before the photos of you walking down that aisle, you need another set: your engagement photos! While this can be a cause of stress for many couples, it doesn’t need to be. Use the tips below to make sure you are prepared for an engagement session that will serve as a welcome break from the stress of wedding planning as opposed to one more thing to check off of your to-do list!

Advice | Your Guide to Rehearsals with Rev. Barbara Lodge

Rehearse, schmearse, right?  I mean, line up, walk in, line up, walk out, lead mass exodus to party.

Not quite.  Rehearsal of your ceremony is pretty important, even if it is cut and dry.  The modern wedding is not what it used to be.  The landscape of the wedding ceremony is changing and almost every couple puts their own unique touches on it.